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August 19, 2009 at 7:17 pm 1 comment

8:51 – Meeting Adjourned. Two hours of presentation. Forty minutes of business.

8:49 – Check out the AMS VoteView on RadicalBeer.

8:48 – Clicker security is an issue.

8:47 – Ad hoc Equity Committee nomination. The new member is Sean Heisler, by acclamation.

8:45 – And, VOTING! Blake votes against, for some reason. Or, maybe not.

Seriousness often costs some sort of money.
Colin Simkus

8:42 – Colin commits the cardinal sin of council. Echoing himself.

8:36 – The budget for the student advocacy is not sufficient.

8:33 – Bizarro Colin Simkus is speaking to the motion opposed to cutting Post Secondary Education. We need to go on the offensive against the government! We need to protest at the VAG!

8:31 – Blake has sent an email regarding the Code change to the Chair of Code. I am satisfied.

8:25 – NOTHING is happening in SUS. The EUS is writing poetry. Awwww, Law. They’re trying to figure out how to hold drinking events. And Law might be holding class in the Rose Garden. The AUS had a Council meeting next week, and is first year event planning is underway. The CUS has a HUGE frosh of 375 students!

8:20 – Constituencies might be involved in Club’s Days this year. That’s be cool. Also, a new form (!!!1!!!111!!) for subsidy assistance (I actually think this is a good idea, it’s just I’m bitter that the committee that I got rid of, transferring that power to XCom, has come back).

8:19 – Check out Crystal’s “really long sign”.

8:17 – I just heard “Patients have to die now” from Johannes. He should get a job on one of Obama’s Death Panels. Also, Johannes gets the plural right for VPs Academic.

8:14 – Interesting news from the War on Fun regarding the assignment of housing points to Greek Houses. Will try and find out some more about this for the future.

8:09 – Wow, that took some time. There was a motion to amend the agenda to oppose the University’s lobbying to lift the cap. Now, this is ALREADY A POLICY. We oppose increases over the cap. We do not need to pass another motion to get the executive to do something about it. The executive are in charge of determining how to bring about the will of Council – an operative responsibility. Council is responsible for telling the Executive what to do, not how to do it. If the policy already exists, and it doesn’t need funding, it doesn’t need a motion.

7:59 – Holy crap, Tom Dvorak is tanned.

7:58 – I have to give kudos to the University for being very forthright and transparent about this.

7:56 – Every time a presentation goes on longer than an hour and a half, I have to wonder if there is a better forum to have these discussions. I mean, council is great, but there could be a better audience, and a better way to have this type of discussion, ones that could reach more people.

7:53 – Bijan makes a really good point about how high cost education programs is going to restrict access to people in lower income quartiles, and the development of global citizens requires a diversity, a diversity which should include income diversity.

7:45 – Blake reiterates the AMS Council policy opposed to increasing tuition above 2%. Alex Monegro articulates a somewhat softer stance. This sparks a general discussion on the lifting of the soft cap on tuition.

7:43 – This is good…

If you’re in the Maritimes right now, you’re really sucking wind as a University.
-Brian Sullivan

7:39 – Decent point culled from the live chat. Where exactly is the international student rep for this discussion? I don’t know why that position exists, and would be in favour of getting rid of it (ladies and gentlemen, start your flamethrowers).

7:34 – OK. If you think it’s going to be a sh*rt meeting, keep it to yourself. Don’t say it’s going to be sh*rt, or qu*ck, or other things like that. Go outside, spin around three times, and spit.

7:30 – Guillaume is talking about the ‘fringe’ students, or students on the cusp of the admissions average. BSul reiterates (using a rather mangled use of the term ‘social contract’ – hint, it’s not the social contract when there is a written obligation to do it, although UBC is going above and beyond the obligation) that the amount of domestic student admissions will not be projected to decrease. Or, in his words, “fine”.

7:28 – Bijan – always interesting remarks from him on the university. And it was. And the answer was basically ‘We do not quite yet have the full plan’.

7:27 – Also, random noticings, we have both a Hannes and a JoHannes on Council.

7:26 – It’s been three years since she got elected. Eventually, Dave will learn to pronounce it “ta-HAIR-ah”.

7:22 – The recruitment program that got quashed at Senate four years ago, and the reason that I started getting interested in the AMS/UBC level of student politics, is not, apparently, an option that would be considered. I’ll hold them to that.

7:20 – I like that the answer that BSul gave was basically “There’s the law, and there’s what’s fair. We try to have a good balance of the two.”

7:16 – Naylor here. I’m sitting here in AMS Council. I’m listening to what is perhaps the most frank discussion about UBC financing that I’ve ever heard at AMS council. I mean, it probably is. I inhaled a bunch of bleach earlier today.


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Wednesday, May 27th Council Update

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